Best Guide to Help you buy Only the Best 1911 Holster

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Designed and introduced in the past few years, the 1911 holster is truly remarkable in its own way. In fact, it became famous for a lot of people. However, it is true that choosing to buy one is a big challenge to some.

What Really Makes the Best Holster?

You need to remember the fact that the best holster is the one that fits to your weapon. When you have something that is too tight or too loose, it will only bring out poor retention. And, this might only cause the gun to slip out.

Actually, the best 1911 holster is the one that fits to your 1911 design. You will therefore find it much easier and more comfortable to carry your weapon. It must also use quality materials that could last for several years. One more thing is that it should not twist, sag or bend.

How to Exactly Choose the Best 1911 Holster?

If you will choose a holster, you will need to consider yourneeds. Most people carry the 1911 holster for the purpose of self-defense. But, you may also choose to carry your gun as a guarded secret. This will mean to say carrying your low profile holster that could also be concealed.

Concealed carriers must also protect their weapon from sweat. If ever the weapon is very tight to your body, there must be a layer between the gun and body. However, open carriers are less likely concerned of the idea of people seeing their firearms.

The Best 1911 Holster Must Have Retention Device

Actually, the 1911 holster is at its best if it comes with retention device. And prior to this retention, it also has a push button release with a button or buckle. This will help in a way that the weapon will not slip out and if someone tries to get it from you.

Even an active device will provide security and is great for those who carry their 1911. This is basically utilized by military and police units for extra security.

Our List of the Best 1911 Holster

Here is our list of the best 1911 holster for you to consider buying.

  • Galco Combat Master─ This is one of the best choices of holster because it is manufactured from leather material. This hugs your body well and this is the best way for you to conceal your 1911 handgun.
  • Fobus Paddle Holster─ This is very easy and convenient to use. The composite polymers used are resistant to water and is also durable.
  • Blackhawk Serpa Sportster─ This is manufactured using polymer material and metal screws. The kydex material is very resistant to debris, dust, water and other element.

Now, you have learned more about the ways to choose for the 1911 holster and the list to consider in mind!